Flying Objects On Highways

By: Leslie Harkavy, Esquire

How many times have you driven on a highway in Massachusetts, with a truck next to you carrying a load of goods? We assume everything is safely secured and all potential flying objects are carefully and correctly placed and secured to avoid anything coming loose and flying at full speed. Recently, while driving on Route 93 in Wilmington, Massachusetts, a huge chunk of lumber came flying through a windshield. Somehow the driver escaped serious injury. This chunk of wood on Route 93 in Wilmington, Massachusetts perhaps being transported by a truck to a job site was clearly not secured. It became a deadly weapon flying on the highway. This individual was lucky. He took some action to avoid serious personal injury as he drove with the object coming at him and avoided a tragic ending. The truck owner and operator and business involved with transporting this chunk of wood and protecting it from flying off its truck on a highway may be held responsible had this terrible accident not been avoided.

Myself and my partner Karen Nadeau, of Nadeau Harkavy LLC, have seen too many cases of flying debris that resulted in awful injuries to our clients including terrible scars and brain injury. We see the individuals and families that unfortunately did not escape the flying object and invest our time and commitment to trying to help them rebuild their lives. If you or a family member have been injured in an accident, call us at 617-674-7640 for a free consult. We represent clients in all types of personal injury cases.

Lesson Learned- Individuals and businesses transporting goods must exercise reasonable care in securing their objects to prevent serious personal injury to others. They have a duty and obligation to the public to protect the public from foreseeable risks of harm. They may be held responsible for their negligence in creating a risk of flying objects that they transport.

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