What Are Some of the Most Common Obstacles to Overcome to Get Your Medical Bills Paid When You Are Injured in an Auto Accident in Massachusetts?

By: Karen Piso Nadeau, Esquire In my prior blog, I addressed who pays your medical bills when you are injured in an automobile accident in Massachusetts. In summary, the car that you are in or the vehicle that makes contact with you provides the insurance coverage called personal injury protection benefits known as PIP as …  Read More

Who Pays My Medical Bills If I Am Involved in an Automobile Accident in Massachusetts?  

By: Karen Piso Nadeau, Esq. In Massachusetts, the vehicle that you are in or the vehicle that touches you usually provides the first $2,000.00 in coverage through no fault PIP benefits. The short answer to who pays my medical bills if I am in an auto accident in Massachusetts is: The auto insurance for the …  Read More

What Could Have Been Done to Avoid the Tragic Death and Catastrophic Injuries Suffered by the Victims of a Vehicle Colliding into the Front of an Apple Store in Hingham, Massachusetts?

By: Karen Piso Nadeau, Esquire On November 21, 2022, a man was killed, and nineteen other people were injured when an SUV went off the designated roadway of a parking plaza and collided into the store front of an Apple Store in Hingham, MA. The Toyota 4Runner collided into the store’s front glass. The driver …  Read More

The Truth About Massachusetts Personal Injury Attorneys and Representing a Client Injured in an Accident

By: Karen Piso Nadeau, Esquire – There is a lot of noise on television about what personal injury attorneys can do for you and why they are special, and you should hire them. Sometimes, there are three personal injury ads in a row from three different law firms in the same half hour telling you …  Read More

Multi-Vehicle Car Crashes in Massachusetts and Determining Who Is Responsible

By Karen Piso Nadeau Massachusetts car crashes involving more than two vehicles create additional challenges for those injured in the accident. There are more people involved, more witnesses, more drivers, and more insurance companies ready to play the blame game. Some unfamiliar with these multi-vehicle accidents think the more, the merrier. They reason that there …  Read More

MA Traffic Deaths Are Up 15% Since the Start of the Pandemic – What To Do If Your Loved One is Killed in a Traffic Accident?

By:       Leslie S. Harkavy, Esquire We are all just so worn out from Covid right now.  It is called “covid fatigue”.  We all did our part and stayed home and off the roads. We stopped taking public transportation, ride shares and driving to work.  It’s hard to believe then, when I read a headline saying …  Read More

Five More Common Hurdles Seen in Massachusetts while Representing People Injured in Accidents and Five More Things You Can Do in the New Year to Avoid Them – Part 2

By Karen Piso Nadeau, Esquire My December blog focused on five common mistakes made either before our client is involved in an accident or shortly after the accident occurs. I described five things you can do to avoid making these mistakes to improve the chances of the best possible outcome for you and your family …  Read More

Five Common Mistakes Seen in Massachusetts While Representing Personal Injury Victims Hurt in Accidents and Five Tips for The New Year – Part 1

By Karen Piso Nadeau, Esquire The past year presented new clients with some of the same old problems to overcome.  Most of these problems could have been easily avoided, making the likelihood of a successful personal injury result much higher for our clients.  Many of these issues we have successfully conquered for our clients resulting …  Read More


by:  Leslie S. Harkavy, Esquire Earlier this year, our local community Facebook page posed questions from concerned citizens about the bicycle laws in Massachusetts. In our town, bicycle riders were using the town sidewalks in a commercial area to ride their bicycles. People were scared at the speed with which the bicyclists were riding and …  Read More

When Evidence Disappears in Massachusetts

By Karen Piso Nadeau, Esquire     Issues Addressed: What is Spoliation of Evidence in Massachusetts? What can be Done to Protect injured Victims in an Accident when Evidence Disappears? A recent case decision involving a train’s fatal collision with a pedestrian addresses a familiar scenario in personal injury cases.  According to Amtrak, despite the …  Read More