Who is Responsible for Personal Injuries Caused by Cars Crashing into Buildings in Massachusetts?

By:  Karen Piso Nadeau, Esquire In Massachusetts, there have been a number of recent car crashes into buildings, some with devastating consequences leaving people with serious personal injuries or even death. Grocery stores, convenient stores, malls, restaurants, and other businesses are typically bustling with employees and customers, especially now during the holiday season. As employees …  Read More

Pizza Delivery Vehicle in Middleton, Massachusetts, Crashes with Landscaper Mowing a Lawn- Distracted Driving and Holding Those Responsible Accountable

By:  Karen Piso Nadeau, Esquire According to WCVB 5 News, a 20 year-old man was flown to a Boston area hospital Thursday night August 29th, after being struck by a pizza delivery vehicle in Middleton, MA and is in critical condition. According to witnesses, the pizza delivery vehicle lost control and hit a fire hydrant …  Read More