Case Results

The following are some examples of the case results obtained by Attorney Karen Nadeau and Attorney Leslie Harkavy.

Recovery for pedestrian accident resulting in a crush foot Injury
Recovery for teenage passenger resulting in brain injury
Recovery against bars who over-served a drunk driver who ran a red light resulting in severe brain damage
Recovery for wrongful death of a beloved elderly grandmother passenger against a car dealership and its employee for negligent operation of vehicle
Recovery for insurance coverage policy limits for rear end accident resulting in neck fusion and post concussion syndrome
Recovery for Insurance Company policy limits for construction site accident whereby a construction vehicle ran over client resulting in severe lower limb Injuries with multiple surgeries and permanency
Recovery for insurance company policy limits for pedestrian in a motor vehicle accident resulting in neck fusion
Recovery for car accident caused by distracted driver who was texting, resulting in severe leg Injuries
Recovery for construction site accident involving the dropping of construction equipment striking client’s head leading to a head Injury
Recovery for a father whose vehicle was struck by a 16-wheeler that ran a red light causing a concussion, multiple fractures, pulmonary embolism and nerve damage
Recovery for minor who was sexually abused
Recovery for insurance company policy limits for dog bite incident Involving neighbor’s dog biting young child and attacking mother who attempted to save child
Recovery of policy limits for pedestrian struck by a truck while walking her dog where insurance company initially refused to accept any responsibility and blamed the pedestrian for the accident
Settlement for insurance company policy limits for negligent operation of motor vehicle for facial lacerations requiring surgery and scarring of a young woman
Recovery for recent college graduate who was a passenger in a motor vehicle accident and suffered a broken neck
Recovery for middle aged professional who tripped and fell in parking garage sustaining head injury and contusions
Recovery for student pedestrian hit in crosswalk at local college causing knee injury
Recovery for slip and fall due to water tracked into business resulting in a torn quadriceps muscle requiring surgery
Recovery of policy limits for motorcycle accident where insurance company refused to accept responsibility and blamed motorcyclist for accident
Recovery of policy limits for a jogger who was said to run out in front of a car causing his death
Recovery of policy limits for a driver injured in a car accident who suffered a shoulder tear
Recovery for the failure to properly instruct a new spin class participant resulting in muscle trauma known as rhabdomyolysis
Recovery for a tenant who slipped and fell on icy steps resulting in an ankle injury
Recovery for police officer who slipped and fell on snow and ice at house causing back and neck Injuries
Recovery for college student who was a passenger in a car struck by a truck and suffered soft tissue injuries and bruising

These results are representative only and do not guarantee recovery on any particular case.  The facts of every case are different.