Be Aware of Flying Objects On Beaches in Massachusetts!

By:  Karen Nadeau, Esquire

No, not UFO’S or asteroids or other things beyond human control.

I am talking about objects seen and used in our daily lives that with proper use make our lives better. But when these objects are not properly used or secured, devastating injuries can occur.

We have all seen at the Massachusetts beaches on a warm summer day- the flying umbrella. The umbrellas provide the much needed coverage from the harmful effects of the sun. My family used them often when our children were young. It was a production to really secure that umbrella in the sand to prevent it from rising up and flying in the wind across the beach. I did not want to be that family chasing the flying umbrella. I remember seeing a beach worker in Gloucester with some magical gadget that actually dug the hole for their umbrellas he was renting. I wanted one.

So, today, the news shows a video of a little toddler with a frisbee simply running in circles full of energy enjoying the freedom of a sandy beach when out of no where a beach umbrella goes flying by, with a near miss. Too close. It was the difference between a dreamy family beach day continuing or the beginning of a tragic journey where a little boy’s or girl’s life forever changed. Today this little boy or girl and his family were lucky that the flying umbrella did not strike him. They happily continued their day at the beach as if nothing happened.

Lesson Learned- Secure your umbrellas at the beach. Take the little bit of extra time to do it right. As parents, be vigilant of the umbrellas around you and your children. This will lead to less flying objects at the beach, less close calls, and more fun in and out of the sun at the beach.

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